1000 No.3 Natural Brown RefectoCil Tint 15ml


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1000  No.3 Natural Brown RefectoCil Tint 15ml


27 in stock

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This Natural Brown tint produces a stunning rich, warm medium brown tone and is suitable for dark blondes and brunettes. The tint must be mixed with a tint activator ratio is 1:1, i.e: 2 cm of tint with 10 drops of liquid activator or 15 drops of cream activator. Ideal to tint eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair on men. Sufficient for approximately 30 applications. This product is proudly vegan friendly.

RefectoCil products are designed for professional use. Please read instructions before use.

Important note: Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints must be mixed with developer oxidant liquid or cream before the hair (sold separately in our Store)

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