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100011 #4 Belmacil Lash Tint Blue 20ml


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100011 #4 Belmacil Lash Tint Blue 20ml

50 in stock

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Belmacil Eyelash Tint 20ml

Belmacil is the leading brand of eyelash int in the world today

10 rich, luxurious colours:

#1 Black, #2 Blue Black, #3 Dark Brown, #3.1 Light Brown, #3.3 Honey Brown, #4 Blue, #5 Graphite (Charcol), and #6 Violet (night light blue), #7 Green and #8 Red.

A superior tint for professional use only, Belmacil’s unique Swiss formula gives you more colour depth and longer lasting results.

Now with our new larger 20 ml tubes

Belmacil is more profitable than ever, you can’t afford to use an inferior alternative.





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