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100017 Belmacil Creme Oxydent 125ml


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100017 Belmacil Creme Oxydant 125ml

50 in stock

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Professional Belmacil Cream Oxydant

Content: 100ml (Over a 1000 applications can be achieved!)

Tint Activator Cream/Creme Developer

Belmacil is the leading brand of eyelash tint in the world today

This is activator for Tint.

Please read the instruction before proceeding Tint.

Mixing: 2 Drops of Oxydant is recommended.

Tatio: 1 Part Oxydant to 2 Parts tint, or Maximum ratio of 1 to 1.

Made in Switzerland

Important Note: Belmacil Eyelash and eyebrow tints always use with Belmacil Oxidant 3% cream.

This is activator. It can be perfect tinting results.

For Professional use



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