1000221 Elleepalette By Elleebana – Black Silicone


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1000221 Elleepalette By Elleebana – Black

10 in stock

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Elleepalette By Elleebana – Black

Elevate your lash and brow artistry with the Ellee-PALETTE. This specially designed palette offers dedicated sections for lotions, tint dispensing, and glue well for extended working time. Its water well extends adhesive life, while the brush rest and additional brush sections provide flexibility.

The spacious wells accommodate varying lotion amounts, catering to diverse salon needs. With a non-slip base and easy-to-clean material, this palette offers stability and convenience.

Upgrade your workstation with this innovative tool that redefines quality and functionality in the industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Dedicated sections for lotions, tint, and glue application.
  • Water well prolongs adhesive life during treatments.
  • Brush rest and additional brush sections for added convenience.
  • Spacious wells accommodate varying lotion amounts.
  • Non-slip base provides stability for precise work.
  • Easy-to-clean material ensures a residue-free surface.





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