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100053 Silicone Rods -Ex Large 5Pair


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100053 Silicone Rods -Ex Large 5Pair

20 in stock

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Silicone Rods -Ex Large

Elleebana Perming Silicone Rods (Reusable)

It is perfect use for perming lashes.

Package :Ex large (5 pair)

Being used in the industry at the moment, this is a new way of performing a lash perm. Silicone rods are used instead of the traditional perming rods to give a more “lifting” effect from the root of the lash. You still use the same one shot perm solution and neutraliser for the treatment.


Apply Elleebana Lash Lifting adhesive to the back of the rod to help with adhesion.
Hold for 5 – 10 seconds to ensure adhesion.
Apply glue to the front of the silicone rod then attach the lashes. Apply one eye at a time.
Proceed with Elleebana lash perming/lifting instructions.
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