1003 RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream 75ml


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1003 RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream 75ml

32 in stock

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With Shea  Butter,  Almond Oil, Chamomile, Vitamin E and D-Panthenol!

The new in the handy hygenic tube packing- Replaces in the jar

The skin needs daily care to stay healthy and beautiful. In particular skin under pressure through exposure to aggressive substances, harmful environmental influences, stress or UV radiation requires special care to maintain its protective mechanisms. Nurturing RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream with vitamin E and D-panthenol has been developed for these special requirements. RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream makes your skin more resistant to daily pressures and helps it stay soft and healthy and look beautiful. RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream is absorbed quickly, restores natural oils and inhibits water penetration.

Eyelash Tintng:  RefectoCil Protection Cream has been specially developed for the protection and care of sensitive lids when tinting eyelashes. Contrary to conventional barrier creams or petroleum jelly, RefectoCil Creme offers not only protection but also intensive care for the eyelids.

Hand Cream:  RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream is the idea hand cream for hairdressers and beaticians and for anybody whose hands are under paticular stress on a daily basis due to their work.

Skin Cream:  RecectoCil Skin Protection Cream cares for your skin all over your body gently and effectively and its particularly well suited to dry and sensitive skin.

Content: 75 ml. Sufficient for approximately 150 eyelash tinting treatments.



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