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1004 Refectocil Styling Gel 9ml


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1004  Refectocil Styling Gel 9ml

Protect+Care for Lashes and Brows

45 in stock

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Refectocil New Styling Gel Replaces the Refectocil Longlash Gel

Contain: 9ml

Care, protect and style for tinted lashes and brows. The unique colour protect formula shields the lashes and brows so they appear freshly tinted for a longer time. D-Panthenol binds moisture and provides shine. In addition, unruly hair is fixed in the desired position. Ideal for finishing a lash or brow styling treatment in salon using disposable mascara wand/brush. Or for clients to use at home.

Application: Apply to lashes and brows daily.

The NEW Styling Gel replaces the Refectocil Longlash Gel.


Nightly after the removal of make up with Refectocil Demaquillant, simply apply Refectocil Styling Gel from roots to tips of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The intensive new high quality ingredients will nourish during the night. Refectocil Styling Gel can also be used during the day for shaping eyebrows, plus adding gloss and shine to eyelashes for a healthy glowing look.

Sufficient for approximately 250 applications.

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