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1011 Grey Lycon Lycocil Tint 15ml


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1011 Lycon Lycocil Tint Grey 15ml

49 in stock

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Lycon Lycocil Professional Tints

Create fabulous eyelashes and eyebrows with Lycocil Eyelash and Eyebrow Permanent Tints.

These long lasting tints are available in four popular shaded of Brown, Black, Blue-Black, and Grey. Eyelashes instantly appear longer and thicker for at least 6 weeks!

*Blue Black – Used mostly for eyelashes, Blue Black will provide the most intense colour of the range.

*Black – Used mostly for eyelashes but can also be used on eyebrows. Black can be beneficial for a client who is very fair and not used to wearing make-up.

*Brown – Used for eyebrows.

*Black and Brown can be mixed in various concentrations to provide darker brwons for use on eyelashes, however Brown is not generally dark enough to use on eyelashes on its own.

*Grey – Used for eyebrows on blondes or mature aged clients.

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