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1057 Eyelashes Individual 12 Line B Curl


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1057 Silky Eyelashes Individual 12 Line B Curl

Make in Korea

45 in stock

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Eyelashes Individual 12 Strips/Tray

Make in Korea

  • High quality professional individual silk lashes
  • Mixed size (7mm, 9mm, 11mm, or 13mm)
  • Beautiful soft touch and perfect volume
  • The lash has no kink and no stick together after removing strip
  • Natural volume & thickening to your eyelashes
  • Simply pick individual or  two by tweezers
  • Then stick to back of your hand and then remove each individual lash with tweezers or your hand.
  • Each tray contains 12 strips


  • 3 strips 7mm,
  • 5 strips 9mm,
  • 3 strips 11mm,
  • 1 strips 13mm

    Thickness: Approx 0.1mm

    Curl:    B Curl

   Meterial: Great soft fiber

    Color: Black

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