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10591 Micro Remover Sticks Fine


36 in stock

10591 Micro Remover Sticks Fine

36 in stock

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Disposable Micro Brushes Cotton Swab Applicators Tube

for Eyelash Extension Glue Removal Lashes Graft Tools

Suit for Pro Salon use or Home use

Length: Approx 9.5cm
Contains: Approx 100pcs/set

Color: Purple or Green,

Micro brushes are used when applying remover or primer to the lashes;
Features: Non-linting,Can be arbitrary bending angle, Disposable, clean and sanitary, prevent infection, Different sizes for different needs
Use: Bonding agents, Smear, Etchants, Sealants,Remove eyelash extension.

Package Color and size:

Purple (1.0mm)
Green (1.5mm)

Pack: 100pcs / tube

Additional information

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