10753 50Pair Eyelash Pads Gel Patch


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10753  50Pair/Pads Eyelash Pads Gel Patch

15 in stock

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Eyelash Pads Gel Patch

This eye gel patches are specially designed for eyelash extension application.

Lint-free material doesn’t leave residual lint or fiber to spoil the look after the eyelash extension work.Contains collagenase ingredient can moisturize, water and brighten the under eye area.

Ideal for eyelash extension to cover the lower eyelashes or stop the eyelids from fluttering, which will make your work faster and cleaner.

Its curved shape can fit most eyes, do not need to trim like other pads, very convenient to apply.

Suitable for eyelash extension application, facial care, eyelash perming and tinting, etc.




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