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1092 C/.07/10 Eyelashes Individual


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1092 Eyelashes Individual C/.07/10

C curl, 0.07mm thick, 10mm length

6 in stock

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Eyelashes Individual

Package: 12 Strips/Tray

Brand New (Make in Korea)

High quality professional individual mink lashes for eyelash extension.
Beautiful soft touch and perfect volume
The lash has no kink and no stick together after removing strip
Natural volume & thickening to your eyelashes
Simply pick individual or two by tweezers
Then stick to back of your hand and then remove each individual lash with tweezers or your hand.
Each tray contains: 12 strips

Each tray different length:

12 strips 6mm,
12 strips 8mm,
12 strips 10mm
12 strips 12mm

Thickness: Approx 0.07mm

Curl: C Curl

Meterial: Great meddle soft fiber

Color: Black

Please check other size in our store

There are:

Length Size each tray: 6mm/8mm/10mm, or 12mm (There are 4 different size you choose if you want to change Length size)

Professional choose

Additional information

Weight 0.000000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm


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