1369 Sina Gel Base Nail Strengthener 15ml


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1369 Sina Gel Nail Strengthener Base 15ml

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Sina Gel Nail Strengthener
Size: 15ml bottle.

LED/UV Light Cured Nail Strengthener.
Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP FREE!

It can be worn with gel polish to extend wear and act as a protective layer between the nail and the gel polish.

  • SINA Strengthener is a LED/UV curable thin gel.
  • Used as a curable base layer under gel polish services and acting as a thin protective layer between the nail bed and the gel polish.

Prep and cleansed the nails before application of SINA Strengthener and cure for 60s in the nail lamp.
Use your favourite gel polish and cure each layers.
Use SINA Topcoat Tack Free for the finishing shine layer and cure. No tacky layer to remove.

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