15682 Lycon Pinkini Skin Cleanser 500ml


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15682 Lycon Pinkini Skin Cleanser 500ml

20 in stock

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Pinkini Skin Cleanser 500ml

Pre & post waxing
With Tazman Berry, Bisabolol, Aloe Vera, Chamomile | Cleanses Skin Pre and Post Waxing.

Light, refreshing and perfect to use before and after all waxing. It effectively removes surface oils, perspiration, pollution, grime, make-up and cream residue from skin. After waxing, it is ideal as a skin cleanser to close the hair follicles and minimise the possibility of ingrown hairs. Gentle Pinkini Skin Cleanser with the soothing botanical blend of Tazman Berry, Bisabolol, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, is non-drying and does not sting or burn.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

Before waxing, cleanse skin with Pinkini Skin Cleanser on a cotton pad. Allow skin to dry, then proceed with waxing.
On completion of waxing, apply Pinkini Skin Cleanser again with a cotton pad to cleanse, refresh and close the hair follicles.

Tazman Berry
Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera




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