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16351 Caronlab Romance Strip Wax 800ml


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16351 Caronlab Romance Strip Wax Microwaveable 800ml

40 in stock

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Choose Romance for waxing delicate areas and if you like a bit of shimmer in your top-quality wax.
The Romance Hard Wax is an ultra gentle and exceptionally flexible, creamy, pink wax that contains Titanium Dioxide making it the perfect feminine XXX wax. The Romance Strip Wax is a velvety, translucent feminine XXX wax that is also gentle on delicate skins. With a gorgeous shimmer, it offers a fine, non-dragging application and a smooth, residue free finish.

Perfect for XXX
Strip Wax is gentle on delicate skin
Hard Wax is exceptionally flexible
Contains Mica for a gentle wax and a nice shimmer
Rose scented

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