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17101 Mancine Fluid Marine Pedicure Kit


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17101 Mancine Fluid Marine Pedicure Kit

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Mancine Fluid Pedicure Kit

Fluid Pedicure is a six -step Pedicure which includes:

Fluid Marine Pedicure is formulated with both Australian natural botanicals and ocean marine extracts.

The six step program for the ultimate spa marine pedicure includes:

  • Marine Foot Bath #1,
  • Marine Salts #2,
  • Marine Callous Peel #3,
  • Marine Scrub #4,
  • Marine Mud #5,
  • Marine Lotion #6,

Also include:

  • 1pair Toe Separators
  • 1Pc Pedi Paddle

Natural beach sand, quartz crystals, kelp, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil nourish, soften, and smoothe the feet.

Fluid revolutionary marine pedicure is now the leader in Australian Pedicures.

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