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1750 Collagen Facial Mask Powder 1Kg


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1750 Collagen Soft Rubber Facial Mask Powder 1kg

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Collagen Super Soft Mask Powder
with an optimum of moisture
Net Weight: 1 kg

There are 3 Type:

1 Aloe Vera Collagen Soft Mask Powder – Aloe Extra

For Allergy skin. A balance-restoring and reparative mask formulated to promote the survival of the skin’s living cells and activate their renewal and improves the elasticity of skin tissues.

2. Milk Collagen Soft Mask Powder – Whitening

Whitening, Moisturizing and smooth the skin as well as to reduce the wrinkles and make skin looks rejuvenated.

3. Pearl Collagen Soft Mask Powder –

Lightening Skin. Anti inflammatory and moisturising action.


After purifier, mix up the mask powder and suitable purity water; apply on face quickly except eyebrow, eye, nose, mouth.

About 20 minutes when mask dryness, strip off and rinse thoroughly with water lastly.

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