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1758 LUKE Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch


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1758 Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch 10 Patches in 5 puches

2 in stock

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Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch 10 Pathes in 5 puches

Vitamin E, A & C, Provitamin B5 and B3- Prevention of Dark Circle

Dark circle caused by lacking of circulation of blood is prevented and nutrition is supplied to the eyes so that helps maintain bright and clear eyes.

Orange Extract-Pore tightened

Vitamin from orange extract makes pore tight and provides enough moisture to the eyes so makes eyes elastic.

Hydro Gel- Excellent moisturizer

Hydro Gel which richly contains moisture and helps to keep healthy and beautiful eyes.

Transdermal Delivery System-Concentrative nutrition supply

Skin care ingredients of Hydro Gel absorb deeply into your skin so gives concentrative supply to the eyes that needed nutrition .

Suitable Skin Type

All skin types

Main purpose

Hydration, reduce dark circles and puffiness

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