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1785 Tudor Gentle Peel 100gm


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1785  Tudor Products Gentle Peel 100gm

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Suitable for all skin types, Bio Balance Gentle Peel removes the build up of dead skins cells, excess sebaceous secretions and other polluting impurities. The total cleansing action of Tudor’s Bio Balance Gentle Peel promotes the skin permeability necessary to obtain the fullest benefits from subsequent moisturising and nourishing treatments. Chamomile Extract and Rose Hip Oil are added to impart a soothing effect to the skin and leave it feeling silken smooth.

INGREDIENTS: Paraffin 143/145, Stearic acid HG, Cutina KG-16, Deionised Water, Veegum Regular, Germaben 2, Tri-ethanolamine 99%, Bentonite, Chamomile Extract, Rose Hip Oil, Fragrance.


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