1813 DIY Compressed Facial Mask 50Pc


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1813 DIY Compressed Facial Mask 50Pc

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DIY Compressed Facial Mask
Packager: 50PCS /bag

The compressed facial mask paper is made of natural bamboo non-woven fabric, high quality, non-toxic and without alcohol, safe to use, The mask is soft and close to face, with strong aqua absorbency, completely clear away oil, cosmetic residue, dead cells from skin. And it does not contain any harmful substance.
Easy to use, just soak it into toner or floral water then unfold and put it on your face.
Great accessories for home facial mask DIY. Easy to carry to travel or occasional business trip. Makes you can have a facial mask spa anywhere.

How to use:
1. Cleanse face with toner and wash foam, apply beauty lotion, cover the whole face with the mask, softly pat to eliminate bubbles and closely attach on skin, take off mask 10-15 minutes later, then wash it away with clean water, apply toner, eye or cream and night cream
2. Example of the beauty lotion: egg white, cucumber, tomato, potato, olive oil, yogurt etc.


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