18791 Gauze Swab 10cm x 8Ply 100/Pk


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18791 Gauze Swab 10cm x 8Ply 100Pk

44 in stock

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Gauze Swab 10cm x 8Ply

(100% Cotton Gauze)

Non Sterile

Gauze Swabs, 10 x 10 cm x 8 Ply, White, 100 Percent Cotton, Surgically Clean, Non-Sterile, 100 per Pack

LIV Gauze Swabs are made of 100% absorbent cotton fabric.
It is constructed from bp and i. P. Type gauze that have high absorbency level(less than 3 sec) with high volume retention and chlorine free bleach. Comprehensive range of X-Ray, and green gauze swabs that is able to satisfy all the needs of the operating theatres, hospitals and medical environments.
It can also be unfolded and cut to form any size and shape gauze. The product is perfect to be used for wound cleaning, dressing, packing and other general wound care.


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