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1972 Face Hole Cushion Washable – White 2Pk


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1972  Face Hole Cushion Washable – White 2Pk

8 in stock

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Machine washable cushion Pack of 2

Terry Toweling foam Washable Face Hole Cushions Massage

Single side terry towelling on a foam cushion

Package : Pack of 2

COLOR: White (Please check other colors in our store – Chocolate, Blue, Navy Blue or Jacaranda)

Approximately 5mm thick. This is a flat pad
Single side terry toweling on a foam cushion
Used for cover around the massage table face hole to instead of a towel
Approx 5mm thick the cushion will not raise the head or neck to an awkward angle
Provides additional cushioning for client comfort and a hygienic layer around the face hole
Single side terry towel fabric front
Foam backing
Machine washable

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