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238 8-in-1 Multi-Function Machine


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238  8-in-one Beauty System

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8-in-1 Multi-Function Machine

This well balanced compact unit comes with easy to move around and all functions operate independently of each other.


1. Steamer with ozone & timer – Moistens and cleanses skin. Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. Comes with an adjustable extension arm that will allow a broader facial steam. Unit Includes a timer, and Alarm Settings.
Benefits: Moisten and cleanses the skin. Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. The ozone variety of steam is also capable of increasing cell oxygenation.

2. Vacuum – Allows a deep cleansing of the skin, brings skins impurities to the surface, aiding in easy extractions.
Benefits: Deep pore cleansing of the skin.

3. Spray – Cools and Soothes the skin. Aiding in absorption into the dermis.
Benefits: Aids products into skin, providing deep moisture and product benefits.

4. Wood Lamp – The Wood’s lamp uses deep violet rays to expose skin conditions that normally are not visible to the naked eye. Different skin conditions show up in varied shades of violet. Examples: Dehydrated skin shows up as light violet, while hydrated skin is bright fluorescent violet.
Benefits: Ability to view the skin under UV rays to effectively treat the skin

5. High Frequency – Stimulates circulation of the blood, increases glandular activity, aids in elimination and absorption, increase metabolism, germicidal action, generates heat inside the tissue and aids in deeper penetration of products into the skin.
Gentle, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery
Immediate (temporary) lifting effect
Softens and smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces large pores
Effective acne treatment
Reduces dark circles around eyes
Decongests puffy eyes

6. Galvanic – applies the principle of negative and positive current pulling. Cooperating with nutritional solution of anion and Cat-ion to introduce nutrition into skin and harmonize skin degree of acid and alkali. And also to accelerate blood circulation.
Benefits: Utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm and smooth. Features intensity control.7. Mag Lamp – Magnifying lamp consists of optical lens and soft light of cold lamp tube. It can make observation cleaner, so acne and dark spots are more easily to be found. It is very suitable treatments and skin analysis.

8. Facial Brush – Rotating brushing system, includes a variety of attachments for different purposes. Lightweight for easy to handle, quiet and convenient for shaft hook-up to allow easy access.


Net Weight: 34.6 KG
Gross Weight: 37.4 KG
Voltage: 220V – 240V
The size of the package (CM): 101 x 65 x 52

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