2596 Brushless Portable Nail Drill (TP292 )


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2596  TP292 Brushless Portable Nail Drill (Rechargeable) RPM 35,000

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Professional Portable Cordless electric nail drill 35000 rpm nail drill

35000 RPM professional brushless nail drill

A portable drill which is small and compact. Great for technicians who visit clients or move around in a salon.

Brushless motor handpiece can be used for more than 10000 hours, which is 5 times than normal brush motor’s. And the noise is 1/5 of brush motor’s


High Torque and Smooth Quiet Operation
0 -35k adjustable RPM speed
5 Hours Working Timer after 3 Hours Full Charging
Durable Brushless Handpiece With Stable And Quiet Operation
Rechargeable Li-ion Bettery Built-in With Power Volume Indicator
Uses Standard 2.35mm Bit
Low Vibration and Noise
Reverse Direction / Forwaed Direction
Small Size For Easy Carry
Light Weight and Portable
Standby Function
High Speed : 35000 RPM

Battery Voltage: 80W

Package Includes:
Portable Controller Unit
Hand piece
Power Adapter
6 Standing bands + 6 assorted nail drill bits


Sina Nail


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