267 Ultrasonic Nail Cleaner


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267 Ultrasonic Nail Cleaner

50 in stock

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The vibration of ultrasonic waves is called cavitation, is also a best catalyst of dissolving fat & oily material.


Make the skin warm, stimulate blood & lymph circulation to normalize the metabolism of cells, so make the skin younger & stimulate the fat easily dissolved.


Utilizing the ultrasonic waves to massage the cell and relax the muscle & stimulate the fat easily dissolved.
Keep the skin moist & improve the absorbability of skin which will not easily worn out if the cell is full of nutrition, & will not appear wrinkles.
Stimulate the blood & lymph circulation, maintain the Metabolism normally, strengthen blood vessel & improve micro – blood vessel expansion.
Strengthen the muscle organization, recover the elasticity, shrink the pore, get rid of worn skin kill bacteria, & heal up the wound.
Voltage:  220V – 240 V

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