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270 Mini Sterilizer With Digital Timer


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270 Mini Sterilizer With Digital Timer

8 in stock

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Mini Sterilizer – UV

Brand New

Sterilizes with ultra-violet light (This is a high Quality equipment)

Shut off automatically once cover is opened

The system uses ultraviolet rays for sterilization of germs. It is suitable for elimination of germs on electrodes, glass, scissors, brushes, sponges, plastic tools or any manicure / pedicure tools. It provides a clean germ – free environment for storage of implements and tools etc…

Please Note: Although the cabinet does provide a sterile environment, it is not a substitute for liquid sterilization. Tools and implements should be properly disinfected in a sterilizer jar or tray prior to storage.

Basic compact model

Uses ultra violet rays to sanitize (electrodes, scissors, etc.)

Digital control timer setting from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 Minutes.

The sterilizer is equipped with 6 watts UV. light bulb

The inside size of the equipment (CM): Width 21 x Depth 16 x Height14

The outside size of the equipment(CM): Width 29 x Depth 22 x Height 20

G.W: 4kg

N.W: 3kg

Power: 9 watts

We carry Replacement parts and service in Sydney


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