380 2-in-1 Soak-Off Bowl


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380 Manicure Bowl Square 2 Section

41 in stock

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Manicure Bowl Square 2 Section

Manicure Treatment & Acrylic Nail Soak-Off Bowl

This heating process helps the acetone to soak-off acrylic nails and gel polish quicker and allows spa treatments (such as oils) to better penetrate the skin and cuticles.

It works by doing the following:

  1. Unlock and separate your bowls
  2. Half fill the white lower bowl with warm water
  3. Lock the frosted bowl onto the white bowl
  4. Fill the frosted bowl with your nail treatment or acetone
  5. Place fingers in the upper frosted bowl

The upper bowl is made of smooth plastic with palm support and insert areas for the fingers.

Dimensions: L150mm x W120mm x H50mm


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