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690 QTICA Callus Gone Quick Gel 4oz


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690 QTICA Callus Gone Quick Gel 4oz  113g

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QTICA Callus Gone Quick Gel


Drip-Free, Gel Formula

Softens & Prepares

Calluses for quick removal

Callus Gone provides the strongest formula for quick file removal in a convenient drip-free gel formula.


Soak feet, apply CALLUS GONE liberally over calluses. Allow quick formula to penetrate problem areas for 3-5 minutes. Wear gloves or wash hands immediately after application. Wipe away excess and file gently to remove calluses. THOROUGHLY WASH ENTIRE FOOT WITH WATER AFTER USE.


Wash all exposed skin immediately after use. Avoid contact with skin other than callused areas.


Do not apply to broken skin, AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES, if product gets into eyes, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists contact a physician immediately.

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