740 TWEEZERMAN Petite Tweeze Point & Slant

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740 TWEEZERMAN Petite Tweeze Point & Slant

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TWEEZERMAN Petite Tweeze® Set

Award Winning Slant and Point Tweezer

Contains famous Slant Tweezer & Point Tweezer.
Both feature perfectly aligned hand filed stainless tips.
Guarantees effective grabbing effect.
Ideal for stubble & ingrown hairs.
Comes with a leather case for proper storage & carrying.

Housed in a black leather case, this portable set contains a mini version of Tweezerman’s famous Slant and Point Tweezers. Both professional tweezers feature perfectly aligned precision tips, making it easier to grab even the most stubborn of stray hairs. The ideal beauty kit for shaping eyebrows and the perfect size for your purse or travel bag.

Made from stainless steel.

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