904 2 – Way Mirror Shine Buffer


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904  2 – Way Mirror Shine Buffer

17 in stock

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2 – Way Mirror Shine Buffer

Super Quick Shine 2-Way Buffer has a silk-like surface that provides high-gloss shine to natural nails.

It makes a great manicure and pedicure tool as the spongy foam of these double-sided nail buffers allow abrasive material to flex and eliminate dull ridges.

It is a two-sided buffer, the color side is used for the final stage of ensuring the illume Essencia oil penetrates the acrylic, it also starts the shining process. By turning it over and using the white side you will be amazed at how quick the glass like finish appears.

The color side gently buffs nails and removes ragged edges while the white side shines nails prior to applying gel polish and nail lacquer.




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