922 x 6 3 Way Rhomb Buffer Board 6Pc


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922 x 6  3 Way Rhomb Buffer Board 6Pc

27 in stock

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Rhombus Sponge 3-Way Buffer


3-Way Grey, Black & White High Shine Nail Buffer

These are professional high quality salon buffers ideal for both natural and artificial nails.

This is a 3-way buffer with a 320/600/3000 grit and has oil impregnated into the surface, offering a beautiful glassy shine while still maintaining your file.

This is a great alternative to gel top coats and achieves best results after the use of a sponge file.

Use this file before your shiner buffer or UV gel top coat.

*These sponge files are sanitisable. Please clean with nylon brush and warm/cool soapy water (not hot) before sanitising with an antibacterial soak or spray.

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