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ZP515 Zoya Nail Polish Dana 15ml


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ZP515 Zoya Nail Polish Dana 15ml

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ZP515 Zoya Nail Polish Dana 15ml

Shade: An All-American rose cream. Now, this is a signature shade!
The beauty of Zoya is that its free of Harmful Ingredients,
Zoya use the finest Spanish Brushes with Italian made Glass bottles
Creamy colours which also have a long lasting finish.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Highly pigmented shade so please make sure to apply a base coat to prevent staining to the nails.

Why risk it?

Zoya is the only dibutyl phthalate (DPB) free, toluene free & formaldehyde free lacquer available.

Zoya is the longest wearing lacquer available with over 200 ultra fashionable colors to choose from.

For Longest Wear, use with Zoya Armor, Anchor, HurryUp or Qtica Treatments.

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