1000484 NEW Elleebalm Lami Balm Adhesive For Lash Lift 20ml


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1000484 NEW Elleebalm Lami Balm Adhesive For Lash Lift 20ml

19 in stock

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Packed with plant-based amino acids, this revolutionary product has been developed with the purpose to create the perfect hybrid between what is most loved about lash lift adhesives and the benefits of balms on the market.

FLEXIBLE & MALLEABLE: The easy-to-use balm allows you to wrap the lashes quickly, saving precious time during your treatments.

NO TIME ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED: Our intensive product trials have determined that using the Elleebalm will not require you to adjust processing times for either Elleebana or Elleeplex Profusion systems.

SUPERIOR HOLD AND DURABILITY: With its stronger hold and wax properties, Elleebalm offers a higher percentage chance of lashes staying adhered throughout the entire treatment process.

HIGH-QUALITY FORMULATION: Packed full of hydrating vegan ingredients, the Elleebalm is formulated with lash health in mind.

CONVENIENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Unlike traditional pot balms, Elleebalm comes in a convenient squeeze tube design that keeps the product fresh and ready to use.

BIGGER, BETTER VALUE: Each tube holds 20ml of product, providing approximately 100 applications, making it a cost-effective option for salons.




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